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Henson Shaving AL13 DE Safety Razor Aircraft Aluminum

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Henson Bundle & Save $30!

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Bundle any Henson AL13, Al13-M or Aggressive with a Henson stand and 100-Pack of Blades and Save $$$!

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Henson Shaving AL13 Mild DE Safety Razor – Aircraft Aluminum will provide you the best shave experience of your life! This safety razor is for men, women & gender neutral folks who are sick of rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs and tediously long shave times.

🙅‍♂️ Not for people who don’t appreciate high quality products for self care.

Henson shaving razors will give you:

✔️ Irritation & in-grown hair free shaving even for the most stubborn hairs - no more rashes, bumps and toilet paper covered faces with precision blade exposure, the perfect shaving angle and reduced blade chatter

✔️ Smooth, quick and enjoyable shaving due to the precision of design and manufacturing, the lightweight aerospace aluminium & long handle for manoeuvrability

✔️ Perfect for beginners or shavers who don't like to tip-toe around their shave - the fastest and safest safety razor you can shave without compromising on closeness - due to the perfect angling of the edge

✔️ Perfect for shaving the face - head, legs and other parts of the body. Both men, women and gender-neutral folks get a super smooth shaving experience.

✔️ Savings buying a razor built to last a lifetime - backed by a lifetime guarantee.

If you are on the fence about using a safety razor compared to a cartridge razor - then this is the perfect razor to start your journey with fewer nicks, burn and irritation.

If you are an avid safety razor shaver - then you will be blown away by the unique shaving experience of these precision built safety razors. There is nothing out there like them.

Crafted from aerospace aluminium, made in Canada. 🇨🇦


  • Closed Comb
  • Three-piece safety razor design 
  • Unisex for Men and Women 
  • 5 Pack of double-edged blades included 

Also available in:

Copper - Jet Black - Tan - Steel Blue


There are 3 types of Henson Shaving AL13 razors.

AL13 (Mild)

AL13-M (Medium)


Each provides a slightly more 'aggressive shave' - with a slightly larger blade gap. The Medium is more suited for very coarse or thick hair, or longer between shave times. The aggressive would be for the most extreme hair coarseness. 90% of shavers of all genders prefer the regular AL13 (the mildest razor). The bigger the blade gap the more careful you may need to be shaving - but as these razors are very very safe you will still have a faster, easier shave than other safety and cartridge razors. Please contact us if you would like help choosing.


Length: 4.01 inches (104mm)

Weight: 1.03 ounces (37g)

Handle material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum

WARRANTY: Henson Shaving prides itself on making superior quality products. We know how frustrating it is to buy a product that breaks. During your product's lifetime, if it does not function as it should due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace your product free of charge. Please note, this warranty does not cover user damage or deterioration of product including dropping, dents, or fading of coatings and colouring. In these instances, the user would need to purchase a new razor, parts and pieces are not available for replacement purposes.

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Easy 30 Day Returns

If you have a change of mind within 30 days after you received your order you can return the product to us for a full refund.

Returned products must be in new & unused condition with their original packaging.


Our high quality safety razors will help you:

  • Easily achieve a close shave: a more beginner-friendly option than a straight razor, safety razors still deliver outstanding results when compared to cartridge razors
  • Shave exactly how you like: a range of options gives endless opportunity for customisation
  • Look after your skin: a single blade creates less drag on the skin, reducing ingrown hairs and irritation
  • Save time: safety razors don’t take long to use once you’ve mastered the technique
  • Save money: blade replacements can cost as little as 15c when bought in bulk
  • Reduce your impact on the environment: the blade itself is all that gets replaced, no plastic waste