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Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone is a manufacturer of all-natural skincare products designed to provide a caring experience for the body's skin. They provide deodorants, sunscreens, facial creams, facial lotions, lip balms, and other skincare products based on organic, botanical, and bioavailable formulas, enabling clients to nurture and protect their skin. They combine active ingredients from the sea and mountains with skin science and intoxicating fragrances, for a sensorial experience that soothes and restores. Each product is a careful blend of antioxidant and nutrient rich ingredients—including seaweed, spirulina, kelp–created to protect, cleanse, support and recover. Their commitment to protecting the planet flows through everything they do, from packaging created from up-cycled ocean plastics, to manufacturing via renewable solar and hydroelectric energy, and a Leaping Bunny certification.

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