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All Shaving Brushes

Our collection of shaving brushes offers a combination of world-class craftsmanship and exceptional design. We pride ourselves on using traditional techniques to create Badger Shaving Brushes that retain the natural oils of the hair and showcase the unique characteristics of premium selected brush hair. In addition, we offer a range of Synthetic Shaving Brushes that deliver outstanding performance and are easy to maintain.

When it comes to choosing the right shaving brush, it's a personal experience that encompasses the look, feel, and overall story. Whether you're interested in synthetics, New G5 & G4, 2Band Badger, SilverTip, or LotusTip shaving brush knots, we have options available for your custom shaving brush project or for re-knotting existing brushes.

When it comes to shaving brush knot manufacturers, YAQI & OUMO are renowned for their expertise and respected worldwide. With decades of experience, they employ the best manufacturing techniques and utilize the highest quality hair and fibers available in the market.

Overall, our collection of shaving brushes offers exceptional quality, performance, and a wide range of options to suit your preferences.


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