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About Us


Let go of what you are 'supposed to be' - be yourself, be your best self. Grooming is a form of self care that brings a new level of confidence, peace and happiness to your life and those around you. It allows you to transform yourself on the outside in a way that is uniquely 'you'. If we can help even 1 person be a better version of their self today, our job is done.

We believe that grooming goes far beyond the physical. It represents taking the time. It represents that you care. It represents that you deserve the best.When you do this for yourself you bring the best of yourself to the rest of the world.


We wanted to create a place where all genders and non-genders feel at home. We didn't want to be your typical 'men's shaving store'. Not everybody should fit into that mould. Here you are welcome to be yourself. Our products are very carefully hand-picked by us. They must feel special, they must be exceptional quality, they must stand for good things. Many of our products don't fit into a 'mould' either. 



We are also on a mission to reduce the plastic waste of the shaving and grooming world. If we can introduce thousands of people to the craft of traditional safety razors, we can also reduce thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from supermarket style cartridges. We also seek to partner with sustainable brands that value natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Products that are better for you and better for our world. We ship your products in compostable, recyclable or (up-cycled bubble wrap if required). 


We are always here to help you with your grooming journey. We understand these products might be new to you. Don't be a stranger - let us help you. We are here for just that.

'Groom Yourself to New Places'

- Tiff and John
Owners of Style & Swagger