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The Henson Shaving AL13 Safety Razor will provide you the best shave experience of your life! This safety razor is for men, women & gender neutral folks who are sick of rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs and tediously long shave times.

🙅‍♂️ Not for people who don’t appreciate high quality products for self care.

Lifetime Guarantee. Crafted in Canada 🇨🇦

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10, 000+ 5 Star Reviews From Happy Shavers

Henson shaving razors will give you:

✔️ Irritation-free shaving (& no more in-growns) for even for the most stubborn hairs - no more rashes, bumps and toilet paper covered faces with the precision blade exposure, perfect shaving angle and reduced blade chatter.

✔️ Smooth, quick and enjoyable shaving due to the precision of design and manufacturing, the lightweight aerospace aluminium & long handle for manoeuvrability. Perfect for beginners or shavers who don't like to tip-toe around their shave.

✔️ Perfect for shaving the face - head, legs and other parts of the body. Both men, women and gender-neutral folks get a super smooth shaving experience. The fastest and safest safety razor you can shave without compromising on closeness - due to the perfect angling of the edge.

Choose from 5 Designer Colours

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Reviews from the shaving community

Best Shave in 30yrs!
I’ve used 3 and 5 blade cartridges as long as I can remember. My expectations were surpassed when I began using my Henson Shaving safety razor. It’s the closest most enjoyable shave in my 30 years of shaving. Thank you Henson. I’m a fan! I’ll be using this shaver daily and passing it down to my grand kids someday. Well done.
Rodney J.
Smooth Shave!
The good thing about this shaver is that it is smooth and you can shave fast and sloppy and still not get cut. Matter of fact you have to be very intentional and it’s still not easy to cut yourself. It leaves my skin soft and the shave is easy and smoothest I have ever experienced.
Jeff K.

For coarse, thick hair

Try the Henson Shaving AL13-M (Medium) instead. This razor provides the same shaving design with a slightly larger blade gap than the regular AL13. This will cut through thick or coarse hair with ease! Although, 90% of shavers find the regular AL13 does a great job.