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Wet Shaving Travel

Because we really don't like to be without our loved ones...

Let's face it, there is really no need for a specific travel kit, just taking what you use at home is fine and doesn't take up too much space or weight. However travelling is all about new experiences so if you would like to develop a shave kit specifically for travelling with, why not take the opportunity to switch-up your shave style and embrace "face-lathering". Lathering on the face does not require a bowl, but it does require a new technique.

Save space & weight and try something new.*

*Obviously this is only relevant to those who currently bowl shave....🙇🏻‍♂️

With that in mind, here are some handy pointers to consider:

1) Travel Safety Razors - these are much the same as your everyday Safety Razor but with a two piece handle and a handy pouch. Purely a space saving feature.

2) Synthetic Shaving Brush - easier than a Natural Hair Brush, like Badger or Boar, to look after. Synthetics shaving brushes dry quickly and are easily stored in your wash bag. YAQI Synthetic brushes have great backbone and are perfect for face lathering.
A smaller knot size like a 19mm Diameter or 22mm Diameter and a small handle will help keep the overall size down. If size isn't an issue then any Synthetic Brush will do fine.
3) Shaving Bowl - FORGET IT - Welcome to face lathering. If you haven't face-lathered before then I'd recommend experimenting, it is a great alternative method (preferred method by many wet shavers) for shaving.
Here is great "how to" video from a Wet Shaving Youtuber Jonathon Romanov (349) face lathering with an ARKO stick.
4) Shaving Soap - It's recommended to use a stick soap like ARKO. Easy to carry, small and you can even just slice it in half to save space. Take it in a zip lock bag with you and you are set.
5) Razor Blades - If you can't take blades with you then it's a great opportunity to hunt out down some local blades. For international travellers this is an exciting hunt that can often result in finding some real treasures.
I hope the above ideas are useful.