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Safety Razors - The Pros

When you start using a YAQI Safety Razor you quickly realise a few important facts.

It's so EASY to use.

Using a Safety Razor is very simple. It's the original safe way to shave after the aptly named "Cut Throat" Razors were deemed too dangerous for everyday mugs like me & you. Handling a Safety Razor is easy and you'll be happy to know that you'll actually find it hard to cut yourself.

It's a more ENJOYABLE way to shave.

Maybe it's the old man and his tools analogy, but there really is something very satisfying about using a precision tool on your face. The heavier metal construction feels right in the hand. The blades are simple to put in and take out and overall they are easy to maintain.

It's a BETTER shave.

Shaving is a very personal experience, but its universally accepted that you get a better shave with little to no razor burn or skin irritation with a Safety Razor.

You will SAVE money.

A better way of saying this is that you won't waste your money on over priced, over engineered, over marketed disposable razors. Even when buying the most expensive double edge razor blades you can save a couple of hundred bucks a year...


You will not be throwing plastic headed disposable razor heads in the bin. Thats got to be a plus. You'll save money, that's a plus and you won't be contributing to the excessive plastic waste used to package 5 blades.

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