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Everything You Need to Know About Shavettes

Everything You Need to Know About Shavettes

Shavettes are a great choice for those who want to experience the traditional wet-shaving process without investing in a straight razor. It is a less-expensive alternative to a straight razor that offers the same close shave but with the convenience of disposable blades.

Shavettes come in many different styles and sizes, from classic barber-style models to more modern designs. The most common type of shavette is a folding model, which is similar in design to a pocket knife. It has a handle that folds over the blade when not in use, making it easy to store and transport.

Similarly to straight razors, shavettes are also available with different types of blades, such as single-edge or double-edge blades. Single-edge blades are more common and easier to use, while double-edge blades provide a closer shave.

We'll break down everything you need to know about shaving with a shavette!

Why You Should Use a Shavette Razor

A shavette is a great tool for anyone looking to achieve a barbershop-style, straight-razor shaving experience at home. Not only does a shavette provide a close, clean shave, but it also allows you to customize your shaving process with interchangeable blades so you can choose the type of blade and angle you want to use. 

Whether you’re shaving your face, your legs, or other sensitive areas, using a shavette also comes with many added benefits.

  1. Cost Effective: Shavettes are cost-effective because of their disposable blades. This means you can use them multiple times, reducing the need for expensive razor blades that need to be replaced frequently. Since the blades themselves are relatively inexpensive, it is much more economical than buying and maintaining standard razors.
  2. Ease of Use: Shavettes are easy to use because they feature a replaceable straight razor blade that is held in a plastic guard. This eliminates the need for stropping or sharpening the razor and reduces user fatigue since only light pressure is required when shaving.
  3. Beginner Friendly: You don't need a ton of practice or technique to get your desired result. They feature a precision blade that is easy to use, meaning that even beginner shavers can get great results they’ll be eager to show off.
  4. Fast and Efficient Shave: Shavettes provide a close, accurate shave. They come with an adjustable clamp that allows you to change the angle of the blade, enabling you to achieve precisely the result you're looking for. They're also lightweight and portable, making them perfect for on-the-go groomers.
  5. Control Over the Blade: The design of a shavette is usually lightweight, which makes it easier to control your skin and achieve an even shave in a single pass. Thanks to all these characteristics, shavettes provide a fast and easy wet-shaving experience that requires minimum maintenance and effort.

Parts of a Shavette

A shavette consists of an ergonomic handle, a blade holder that either clamps straight razor blades or disposable double-edged blades, and a guard to protect the skin from the sharp edge of the blade. It is easy to switch out the blades in a shavette when they become dull, and some models come with extra features such as a comb guard or adjustable tension mechanism that allow users to have more control over their shavette's edge sharpness and cutting capacity.

Accessories and Maintenance Tools

In addition to the razor itself, we recommend these tools and accessories to help you get the best shave possible:

  1. Razor Blades
  2. Shaving Soap or Cream
  3. Shaving Brush
  4. Shaving Bowl or Mug
  5. Aftershave Balm
  6. Alum Block

How to Use a Shavette Razor Blade

Using a shavette is similar to using a straight razor, but with the added convenience of disposable blades.

Shaving can be a personalized and relaxing experience if you let it. Put on your favorite tunes and follow these steps to get a perfect shave:

  1. Prepare Your Skin: Before your start to shave or lather your skin with shaving cream, take a few moments to prepare your skin, especially if you're shaving your face. Allow yourself a few moments of quiet relaxation as you wash your skin thoroughly with warm water to open your pores and remove any dirt and oils.
  2. Lather Up: Once your skin is prepped, lather up with shaving cream or soap. You can use a brush or your hands to apply the lather to your face. Make sure you cover all areas of your face that you plan on shaving.
  3. Position the Blade: Now, it's time to position the blade in the shavette. Make sure the blade is securely in place and that it's not loose.
  4. Begin to Shave: Start by holding your razor with a light grip at a 30-degree angle from the skin. Hold the skin taut and start from the top and use small downward strokes. You'll want to try to shave in 2 to 3 passes so that you avoid razor burn. Many prefer to shave against the grain of the hair growth, but we recommend if you are new to a shavette, start by going with the grain until you get the hang of it.
  5. Rinse Off and Apply Aftershave: Once you have finished shaving, rinse off the skin with cool water to remove any shaving cream or soap and hair. Pat your skin dry and apply the aftershave balm of your choice. We recommend the Damion Barber post shave balm. Applying an aftershave balm will help soothe and calm the skin after you have completed shaving.

Caring for Your Shavette

When you go to use a shavette, you will need to replace the blade after each shave. This ensures that you always have a sharp blade for an effective and comfortable shave. You should also take care to maintain your shavette by cleaning it regularly and storing it in its protective sheath. This will help keep it in good condition and ensure that it lasts for many years.

Shavettes are an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and beginner-friendly shaving tool. They provide a fast and efficient shave with more control over the blade than traditional razors. With proper care and maintenance, your shavette can last you for many years.

This Dovo Olivewood Shavette Razor is a great option for those looking for precision and a quality shave. It includes a custom razor with one blade and a detachable comb guard, perfect for getting a comfortable and precise shave.