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5 Steps For Shaving Your Legs With a Straight Razor

5 Steps For Shaving Your Legs With a Straight Razor

If you’re looking to step up your shaving game, using a straight razor is an excellent choice. Men, women and non-binary folks alike are switching to this classic method because of its effectiveness and longevity. While it may seem intimidating at first, shaving with a straight razor isn’t as hard as it looks!

Here are 5 steps to take if you want to shave your legs with a straight razor:

  1. Select the right razor.
  2. Prepare your razor.
  3. Prep your skin for shaving.
  4. Use light pressure.
  5. Rinse with cold water.

Why Shave Your Legs With a Straight Razor

While disposable razors may seem like the easier option, there are actually a number of benefits to using a straight razor to shave your legs. Not only will it give you a smoother shave, but it's better for your skin, your wallet, and the environment when compared to a disposable cartridge razor. 

A Closer Shave

If you've been a longtime user of a disposable razor, you likely know the pain of spending meticulous time shaving, only to get out of the shower and still feel stubble on your legs. That's because disposable blades aren't as sharp, and plastic razors keep the blade from getting as close to the skin as possible. A straight razor will give you the closest shave possible, leaving your skin feeling smoother for longer.

A Cleaner Shave

Using a straight razor is also a cleaner option than using a disposable or electric razor. It won't irritate your skin like other options, so you'll have less chance of ingrown hairs or infection in the hair follicles. It is an especially great option for those with sensitive skin who are prone to razor burn or razor bumps.

Less Waste

The environmental impact of a straight edge razor can't be ignored. They produce much less waste when compared to other types of razors since a straight razor blade is sharpened repeatedly rather than replaced when it dulls.

Save Money

While you're doing your part to help save the environment, you'll also be saving yourself some money. Disposable razors can be incredibly expensive, especially if you replace them weekly. A straight edge razor may be a larger upfront investment, but it will pay for itself within a few months. If you care for it properly, you'll never need to replace it. And unlike safety razors, there is no need to purchase replacement blades that must be appropriately disposed of.

Tools for Shaving Your Legs With a Straight Razor

  • Straight Razor: Find the right razor for you. Choose one that is made from quality materials, fits your budget, and feels good in your hand.
  • Shaving Soap: A good shave soap is key to getting a smooth shave.
  • Shaving Brush: A shaving brush made from high-quality materials like badger hair will help you work up a perfect lather.
  • Maintenance Items: You'll need the right tools to maintain your razor and prolong its lifespan, like a leather strop and a blade oil.

Steps for Shaving Your Legs With a Straight Razor

1. Select the Right Razor

The all-important first step of straight razor shaving is getting the right tool for the job. It should have a blade that’s easy to maneuver and should be comfortable in your hand. The handle should be ergonomic and provide plenty of grip, so it doesn’t slip from your grasp.

Be sure to buy a razor made with quality products such as stainless steel or high-carbon steel for the blade and wood for the handle. If you really want something special, consider something like this Dovo razor with a buffalo cow horn handle.

2. Prepare Your Razor

Stropping the blade before each use is essential for maintaining a sharp razor that provides a smooth, even shave. Using a leather strop, pull it taut and place the blade of the razor flat against the strop with the spine facing you. Use light pressure to pull the razor toward you, making sure to keep the entire blade flat. When you reach the end of the belt, flip the blade, making sure to keep the spine in contact with the strop. Bring the blade back down, again keeping the entire blade flat.

You'll need to repeat this process 15-20 times before each use in order to keep your razor in good shape. To remove any leather residue from your blade after stropping, rinse it with warm water.

3. Prep Your Skin for Shaving

Before you start shaving, make sure that you prepare your skin and your mind for the process. Begin by taking a hot shower or bath for around five minutes. Get relaxed and ready to have the best looking legs of your life! Oh, and it will also soften the hairs on your legs so they’ll be easier to cut.

Next, use a shaving lather or shaving puck and brush to work up a lather. Massage the cream or soap into your legs before beginning to shave in order to reduce friction which will help keep nicks and cuts at bay.

4. Use Light Pressure

When you begin shaving, use gentle pressure at all times—especially when working around bony parts like knees and ankles where slipping could result in painful cuts. Start off by running light strokes down each leg in one direction only, rinsing off any hair between passes until all areas are cleanly shaved.

Give yourself extra time at first. Put on your best “me and my legs are going to take on the world” soundtrack and enjoy the process. Do this, as it can be a little difficult to get used to the switch from a disposable razor where you need to apply pressure.

5. Rinse With Cold Water

After you've shaved your legs, it's important to rinse with cold water in order to close the pores that were opened up during the shaving process. This can help reduce redness and prevent skin irritation. The cold water also locks in moisture The cold water also locks in moisture to keep your legs looking vacay ready everyday. After drying off, moisturize with a body butter or lotion to prevent dry skin.

Finally, be sure to maintain your razor and store it properly in order to prolong its lifespan. 

Are you ready to shave your legs with a straight razor?

If you're ready to make the switch and experience all of the benefits of a straight razor shave for your legs, get started by exploring our selection of high-quality straight razors. Your legs will thank you!