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David O'Neill - Restored & Honed by:

Every Straight Razor passes through Davids hands. He strives to maintain the original integrity of the razor and as such will rarely "unpin" the scales unless absolutely necessary. The cleaning process starts by hand with sand paper ensuring a gentle process, working up to a buffing wheel. Once the blade is back in good shape David uses water stones to set the bevel and then hone.

Gradually working his way up to 12K Japanese Stones & 30K Shapton stones, David produces an exceptional edge that is truly "Shave Ready". Examined under a 60x lens the process is finished with a leather strop and a test shave. Only then are the razors deemed ready for sale. His experience and patience guarantee you a razor that has been lovingly restored and made ready for the next generation to enjoy.

David is a retired artisan, collector and restorer from Nanaimo BC, Canada. His work is imported into Australia by The Wet Shaving Co.

All our Vintage & Antique Straight Razors have been very carefully selected for their condition and potential lifespan.

These straight razors have already had 100+ yrs of product testing, they work, they work exceptionally well and will continue to work well after we have passed. Buy them, use them, enjoy them.

"What other products do we still have and are able to use, that perform as well as they did the day they were made? Especially when they come from a time so distant. It's incredible to think where & with whom these beautiful pieces have travelled. Now is your chance to continue their journey."